New Favourite Etsy Shop: Mischief Made

Mischief Made T-shirts

I have been on an Etsy spending spree lately, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite shops. Cute, vintage-inspired t-shirt fans, this one is for you!

I discovered Mischief Made on Instagram – someone shared the Wolf Bait t-shirt and it was love at first sight. At first I thought it was a vintage shirt, but then I saw it from an Etsy shop and so I snapped one up for myself straight away. 

I couldn’t resist taking a look at the other Mischief Made goodies on offer. Of course, one thing led to  another and I ended up adding two more tops to the cart – black Magic of Music t-shirt and a cream Harlequin dancer design

I have no regrets. The t-shirts are lovely, soft and comfortable and a nice fit too. I’m glad I just went for it and ordered all three! Only problem is that now I’ve spotted these flamingo and Queen of the Jungle designs! For now, I’ll add to the wishlist, but I’ll definitely be visiting this shop again soon!

I am an Etsy affiliate so this post includes some affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you buy anything I get a small commission, but I only ever share stuff that I love and think you will too. Read my disclaimer for more info.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1… 50 Shaded Poems Kickstarter Launched

50 Shaded Poems

So I’ve made a book and launched a Kickstarter campaign!

I started making blackout poetry last year. I discovered it through Make Blackout Poetry, who uncovers hidden messages of hope. Then I started reading Austin Kleon. I started to find lots of inspiring visual poets and word artists, like Flyaway_69m who is one of my favourites on Instagram

I love it as a medium and they are so much fun to make. Each one is like a poetic puzzle, a game between my sub-conscious and the page. I like to try and subvert the genre of the original work, transform the words into something completely different, whether that is making love poems from a crime thriller, or in the case of my latest project, inspiring and uplifting poems from 50 Shades of Grey.

Earlier this year I made 50 poems from 50 pages of the controversial text, none of which are erotic (I know you were wondering!). They worked so well together I decided to make them into a book and self-publish. Print-on-demand works out to be quite pricey, so I have decided to launch a Kickstarter so I can offer it as an affordable reward. It will be available to buy afterwards at a higher price. 

It is also giving me a chance to try out making some prints, postcards and badges ahead of opening my Etsy shop. 

I could waffle on about it for ages, and there will be poems shared and stories told along the way, but really I just want you to click on this link, take a look, share at will and maybe even back me. In return you’ll get some poetic rewards and my humbled virtual love. 

It is really quite a scary thing to click the launch button (especially because I cannot bear to watch myself on video), but I know that I am happy to spread my wings, put my little project out there and see what happens. 

I am feeling hopeful and as today’s #DIYCreativeClub challenge prompt is hope, I wrote this poem. The first line is re-appropriated from Emily Dickinson, so it seems a suitable way to end this post on many levels. Here I am with my arms stretched and my heart open, knowing it will all be ok! (You are gonna catch me though right?!)

Hope by Cassy Fry for #DIYCreativeClub

Link Love: We Are Explorers, Let’s Adventure!

How To Have An Everyday AdventureAs I haven’t had a holiday for while, I have been enjoying yours! Ahh thank you internets for giving us somewhere we can share our stories, read about other people’s adventures and explore the world on-screen.

Here are some of my favourite adventure reads:

Katherine did this epic ride earlier this year and what an incredible achievement! I am suitably awed and exhausted just reading about it! 

In this blog post, the way That Gent Mark describes growing up on a farm sounds blissful (I would have assumed it would have been hard work!), I drifted off to daydream land even before I saw the dreamy blanket design. I do love a classy picnic with a bit of bubbly.

I love Mary’s Bucket List posts – this one has made me want to go tubing! 

Amazing rock formations and energy vortexes in Colorado. Yes please, but I am not really one for hiking, so I’ll leave that to Torie and just enjoy the photos for now, in hope that I can soak up some of that bravery virtually!  

If like me you haven’t managed to get away, Sarah Starrs has 50 ways to have an adventure without leaving town.

Adventure To… Victorious Festival 2015

Victorious Festival 2015Yesterday I got my gigging girl gang together for the Victorious Festival in Southsea. I had a blast there last year so I booked up for the Saturday. Peter Hook and the Light were on the bill, and although I only saw them last year, then I was still recovering from surgery, so I was looking forward to dancing to some Joy Division/New Order classics while fully fit!

Of course, I didn’t know that my moving date and last day at work would fall two days before, or that I’d be a physical wreck after all the box lifting, driving and my hectic August schedule. Of course, I did know the weather might be against us, after all, it is a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. 

I don’t mind a soggy festival, party poopers go home and determined music lovers with stiff upper lips endure! I prepared by wearing boots, leggings, layers and a waterproof (knowing that I would return to a warm, dry, comfortable bed at home that night helped too!). We managed to explore the site in the dry, which was bigger than last year and included the Common Stage, which is where I spent most of my time. 

Southsea Common

It was at the Common Stage that we caught Kill it Kid, who I hadn’t heard before, but instantly loved due to their gorgeously big garage guitar noise and bluesy rock vocals. Their performance was one of my highlights. I am so in love with this track.

It is no surprise that my other musical highlight was Peter Hook and the Light. After the year, the month, and the week I’ve had, dancing in the rain to Love Will Tear Us Apart, Temptation and True Faith was joyfully cathartic. It was only a 30 minute set, but every track was a gem and the weather gave the experience a proper Manchester edge! 

Music aside, I also spent a tenner on a selection of fine flavoured fudges (because sugar is essential festival fuel) including rhubarb, mint, peanut butter, orange, coffee, bubblegum and lemon and lime. I would not have survived without this. I didn’t eat it all though – I am steadily working my way through it! 

There was such a great atmosphere – an eclectic audience of all ages and loads of happy families. I didn’t mind standing around in the rain (although my legs longed to sit!) because we had lots of giggles. I also love watching people in the rain, especially the cute kids in wellies dancing in the puddles to The Fratellis.  

Not a bad first weekend to start my south coast cultural life! And I’ve got some more Southsea music fun booked already. 

Photograph of me and Leila at the Common Stage taken by Mel Ede

Join The Daydream Revolution!

The Daydream RevolutionI will let you in on a secret about my big dream. I had an epiphany last year when the film Romancing the Stone came on my tellybox… don’t worry, my big dream isn’t to get involved with Michael Douglas. The scene that spoke to me was at the beginning of the film, where Joan Wilder finishes her latest romantic novel, making herself cry with the power of her own work, and then lights a fire and some candles and has a drink with her cat in her chaotic flat to celebrate. I thought “YES! That is what I want!”

Okay, it was an unlikely source of inspiration, but what resonated was the vision of a place of my own, full of all my own kitsch chaos, a space to write, to adore what I am writing, to finish it, to drink and of course, to share it all with a cat.

Fear not, fellow daydreamer, I did not base my entire big dream or make any major life changes on a classic 80s rom-com. It just made me start to think from a slightly different angle about what I wanted from my life. The only certainty was the writing and the cat.

It was some time later when I started think more seriously about making major changes in all areas of my life – in love, at home and at work.

As of today I am not working full time. I do not have a mortgage and I have moved in with my parents. Although part of my dream is being a fiercely independent lady, I know I need support and help along the way and that will come in different forms.  

My big dream (in case you haven’t guessed) is basically to be a full time writer and cat lady, but there are many smaller daydreams, plots and plans within that. I have a picture in my head of my ideal surroundings, the kind of work I will be doing and the amazing people I will be spending time with. This has come from a lot of reflection and general daydreaming, doing some forward-planning activities, e-classes, having some insightful coaching sessions and doing lots of personal development work.  

Day to day, I read a lot. Books and blogs are my go-to tools to inspire me to put ideas into action. I am one of those people that like to learn and get excited about going to training courses and conferences, so I also invest my time and money in classes and events that feel like they will move me forward. 

My friend Sarah Starrs writes one of my favourite blogs to read when I need a supportive kick up the arse (a big hell yes to punk rock personal development) and she has just announced her 8 week e-course The Daydream Revolution. I like daydreaming and could do with something revolutionary, so I signed up immediately!   

I am going to use the course to firm up my action plan, stay motivated, really get the most out of Sarah’s expertise and enthusiasm and hopefully connect with some awesome daydreaming comrades. One of the things that sold this course to me, is that it covers how to afford your dream. As a compulsive spender, I like to focus my purchases on things that are actually going to take me closer to my big dream and create the life I want! Things like this e-course!

I am so excited to get the revolution started on 5 October! If you are working on a big dream and want to join us, you have until 4 October to sign up.  It costs $147 (which is about £95 in GBP) and you can sign up by putting a fist in the air and using your other hand to click here: Join the Daydream Revolution!

I am an affiliate for Sarah Starrs because she is amazing! This means if you sign up to The Daydream Revolution through the link on this website, I will receive a small commission. But in case you’re wondering, I paid for my place on the course myself.

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