Link Love: Embracing Risks, Books, Daydreams and Music

Art is a way of recognising oneself - Louise Bourgeois

How to take new risks in your creative practice
I love Carrie’s blog Artist Think – there is so much creative inspiration! If you need to shake things up, or even if you don’t, this one is a goodie. “Think about the one thing that feels a wee bit scary and intimidating, but in that good way. It’s that feeling you have when you are excited before a performance: it can take your breath away a bit, but you feel anticipation, and hear a voice that says “go for it.” THAT, my friend, is creativity calling your name.”

Teen books that saved my life
A rather splendid list crowdsourced from authors and readers. It includes some of my personal favourites too – like everything by Judy Blume, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and 13 Reasons Why. 

Sarah is writing an e-book called The Daydream Revolution!
I’m so excited about this! You can get a free MP3 of the intro by signing up for her weekly love letters.

How playing music benefits the brain more than any other activity
Give your brain a workout and learn an instrument. 

6 ways to create your own artistic community
The gorgeous Veronica Varlow has some tips on how to make like Warhol and find your creative co-conspirators, whatever your art.

Embrace the awkwardness of hugging
“We can make hugs our role model… We can still embrace each other and embrace the good things in the world. We can embrace our own existence and all the amazing, bewildering, and challenging experiences that come with it. Embrace the awkwardness. Embrace the vulnerability. Embrace yourself. Embrace life, and life will hug you back.” Andrew WK gives the best advice ever! (((Let’s end with a virtual hug))) 


What To Wear When You Like Flamingos

Cassy Fry in Aye Aye Missy Flamingo Skirt

I love, love, love my Aye Aye flamingo print skirt! Every retro-lovin’ girl needs a fun circle skirt to brighten up the dark winter days. Admittedly I cannot wait to rock this pretty print in the summertime with bare legs and a little white t-shirt, but as that is a little way off still, I needed to wrap up warm today.  

I teamed up this super skirt with a secondhand black jumper, leggings, boots and a faux-fur coat. And because a lady cannot wear too many flamingos, I also wore my flamingo necklace – a cute plastic pendant which I strung on plastic pearls! I was delighted when my skirt arrived with a matching hair band, so I wore that today too. As for my other accessories, a My Fair Lady brooch is pinned to my coat. My sister made this for me and it adds extra glam to the faux fur! My earrings are from Jolly Good Studio and were in my Blogcademy goodie bag. They were a great freebie as they are firm favourites now – I wear them all the time as they are so versatile and stylish.

What to wear when you like flamingos

I even don’t know why I love flamingos, I just do! It might be their weird good looks and backward-bending skinny legs, their perfect poise and amazing balance, or their handiness in a game of Wonderland-style crochet, or maybe just because they are so very pink and perky! 

Feeling the flamingo fever? Check these pink and perky birdy beauties out…

Culture Fix – Lots and Lots of Films

BirdmanA short and sweet round up of what I’ve seen, heard and enjoyed over the last few weeks.

What I have seen… I went to the theatre to see White Slate Theatre’s Captured – a rather wonderful piece of new writing. You can read my review here.  

What I am reading… more blogs than books at the moment. I am adoring working my way through the She is the Revolution archive. 

What I am watching… lots of trashy DVDs! When it’s cold I like getting into bed early and wrapping up warm with a cheesy romance or action flick. On the telly box, The Last Leg has been making me laugh lots. 

What I am listening to… on top of my new favourite bands playlist, I’ve been listening to King Creosote – who I’m looking forward to seeing at Revelation St Mary’s next week (get tickets here).

What has inspired me… Searching For Sugarman. I finally saw the film about the hunt for Rodriguez, a mysterious folk singer from Detroit who never made it big, but became a legend in South Africa selling millions of records. He was presumed dead, but after two South Africans tried to find out what really happened to their hero, they discovered he was still alive and completely unaware of his superstar status. An magical and amazing tale, the strange mystery of the situation intersects with the context of apartheid. I watched the making of feature too and was extra inspired by Director/Writer Malik Bendjelloul and his determination to make this film.

What has made me say wow… Birdman. It’s an extraordinary movie – funny, dark, dramatic, dreamy, sweet & surprising. I loved the percussion soundtrack and the gorgeous cinematography – this scene is stunning! The cast are great; Emma Stone with her amazing acting and enormous eyes, Ed Norton being darkly hilarious and Michael Keaton just being wonderful, delivering lots of deliciously subtle scenes. Although I was delighted that the rooftop scene featured his classic ‘Keaton crazy’ expression!  

What has made me smile… making emoji art!

Adventure To… London Blogcadette Meet Up And Why You Should Meet Your Peers

Blogcadette London Meet Up January 2015Lots of bloggers or creative people work in isolation. Many of us are chasing our dreams early in the morning, late into the night or over the weekend, alongside the day jobs. Just keeping up with the creation requires dedication and passion, then there is the admin associated, whether that is the never-ending emails, sorting out equipment or (not sure I should mention this at this time of year) the dreaded tax return. Both blogging and artistic endeavour can be a calling, more than a job (even if it is your main income stream) and more than a hobby (even if you’re doing it for fun). It is hard work, but of the most sparkly, positive and joyful kind.

You might think of networking as not working (something that takes your precious time without crossing anything off your to do list) or as something very work-y and not all that fun (associated with sales, bad coffee and business suit breakfasts). But shake off the stereotypes, networking is not just essential, it’s fabulous and inspiring too, especially when you’re in the creative sector or blogging community. You should meet your peers and hang out – your energy levels will go through the roof!

On Saturday I met up with six other Blogcademy grads – Sarah, Jessica, Caroline, Bethan, Sara and Emma. Oh my blogger goodness! All the superlatives in the world do not do justice to how amazing these women are! Jessica and Sarah both write blogs that have really helped and inspired me through difficult times – I keep their blogs bookmarked for emergencies! Spending time with them in person was incredible. I met Sarah last year when she spoke at a Nuffnang workshop, she is covered in beautiful tattoos, oozes a sense of stylish calm thoughtfulness and is a brilliant hostess. It was my first meeting with Jessica and I felt strangely nervous because I love her writing! I needn’t have been, she is completely awesome in real life too. Caroline is so damn glam and just as fabulous as she comes across on her sparkly blog.  Bethan is an architect, with a knack for DIY and a keen design aesthetic, who shares my love of mid-20th century vintage furniture. Sara, who I also met at the Nuffnang workshop last year is so much fun and made me laugh loads. Emma runs a gorgeous flower business called Green Parlour, we went to the same Blogcademy course, but didn’t get much time to chat then, what with all the learning and note-taking, so it was good to catch up!

Cassy Fry, Rock n Roll, Root Beer, Burgers and Flamingos at The Diner

We met up in The Diner in Shoreditch. It is one of my favourite restaurants as I love American diner food and they serve Root Beer (which is the best drink in the whole wide world and should be better distributed in this country!). On arrival I was immediately recognised by my feathery headwear from Crown and Glory (Sarah and I were both rocking the new Maribou Headband, which I wore with my new Grit n Glory Rock n Roll sweater and Flamingo skirt from Aye Aye Missy). Before I could even say who I was with, I was directed straight to the Blogcadette table. We spent a couple of hours eating, drinking, exchanging unwanted Christmas gifts and chatting. Important discussion points included:

  • our words of the year (which obviously, we all just happened to have thought about at great length)
  • our blogging plans/products/goals for 2015 (no spoilers, but there are some real treats in store and if you are a vintage loving, classic Hollywood glamour puss, you should start following and keep an eye on Sparkle and Crumbs)
  • moving/flat hunting
  • tattoos
  • our day jobs
  • personal change
  • Crown and Glory
  • Gregory Peck (I simply can’t recall who brought him up… Oh My Greg! It couldn’t have possibly have been Caroline could it?!)
  • cats (although it may have been me that initiated this one)
  • other inspiring bloggers we love – Jayne at She is the Revolution came up a lot, so I’ve signed up for ‘She is the Moon‘, this is something very different for me and I am over the supermoon about trying it. 
  • workshops, magic and new moon rituals (thanks to Jessica for recommending Gala’s new moon magic post - I’ll be nurturing my kooky witchiness and trying some of these things today!)
  • being ambitious, working and dreaming hard
  • being super stylish and over-dressing as a way of life
  • quirky museums
  • marketing and blogger opportunities
  • arranging regular meet ups and write ins

The conversation continued, with Sarah acting as our expert guide of East London, as we explored Broadway Market and got distracted by more amazing food, anything with sequins on, gorgeous art, vintage furniture and cats (that last one was mostly me). I fell head over heels for the beautiful cat illustrations by The Kat and Monocle – there were plates, mugs, cards and t-shirts – I want them all! I am tempted to get a commission at some point. I also loved these rings from Reo Jewels – something else for my wishlist! Although I did treat myself to a bowl with a smug cat in it from one of the vintage stalls! 

Shopping at Broadway Market

As you can probably tell, we had a lot of fun as we inspired and supported each other. It was holistic – we spoke about our professional, personal and spiritual lives. I already knew their blogs to varying degrees, but meeting them in person gave their work a whole extra dimension. When I go to any event or meet new people, I always gain new readers. Similarly, when I make a connection with an individual, whether that is a blogger, artist or accountant, I am more likely to follow, champion and invest in their work. That is the benefit of networking.

There is the perception that your peers are your competition. They might be, but they are also your potential collaborators, pacemakers, support network, readers, customers and cheerleaders. If you are doing your thing with integrity, passion and professionalism, you don’t have anything much to worry about.

All us Blogcadettes had different niche markets and readers, but even where there is overlap, there is benefit. For example, Sarah and Jessica both write about self love, but they each have their own unique perspectives and wisdom to share. I read both of their blogs regularly. In fact, I often find good blogs through recommendations from other bloggers. The thing about inspiring people is that it creates an appetite for more! By collaborating or being supportive, you are building your industry. I don’t know anyone who reads just one blog, owns just one piece of jewellery or only listens to one musician. 

Spending time with these awesome ladies reinforced my vision and made me believe my dreams are doable. My afternoon in London felt like a holiday – I came home glowing with optimism and motivation. There are some truly amazing people out there and the ones that will inspire you most and share your passion are your peers, so seek them out and have some fun. 

Theatre Review: White Slate Theatre – Captured

White Slate Theatre - Captured - Photo by Aenne Pallasca

Last week I went to see the premiere of White Slate Theatre’s Captured in the Aphra Studio at the University of Kent in Canterbury. The performing arts seem to be thriving in Kent, and there are a number of notable new and established theatre companies based in the county. After good reviews in Edinburgh and positive noise about White Slate Theatre rumbling across Kent’s creative community, I was keen to see this production.   

The play is a snapshot of a relationship, captured within the frame of a reunion between two estranged lovers – photographer Issac and muse/model turned nurse, Sophie. There are just the two actors and the one set – a small, sparse and leaky old basement flat in a seaside town. 

I am already pretty preoccupied with photographs, fascinated by how a person or a moment can be caught and preserved. How a picture can make things seem more real or just utterly unreal. We can believe in photographs and reshape our memories around them, or a situation or a face can become strange and unrecognisable. So unsurprisingly, I was captivated by the interplay between photographer and subject, perception and reality, that ran throughout the play. 

There were also some potential parallels with my own life which were impossible to ignore. I have been in a long term relationship with an arts photographer, I occasionally model for photographs and I live in a seaside flat a couple of hours from London. Turned out though that Sophie was nothing like me (except maybe for the opening scene, where she dances chaotically to loud music around her flat, making a mess as she goes!) and the photographer was even less like my partner. Thank goodness! I found Issac a bit pompous and not very likable as a character. Also in my somewhat limited experience of modelling I have been a creative collaborator rather than a passive subject.

The depiction of the photographer-subject relationship in Captured is a traditional one, with the artistic vision belonging solely to Issac. Sophie is objectified, idolised and manipulated. Their opposing views of the same experiences reveals lots about their previous relationship and the different lives they are now living. 

As I settled into the style of the play, I found the writing quietly clever and rather beautiful. The dialogue would go into lengthy eloquent sentences. These would make wonderfully written pieces of prose, but didn’t always sound conversational. I would not have found the language believable if I had not already met a certain type of person who talks in such a pretty and pretentious way. The sparse, strained and straight-forward dialogue worked well, conveying the awkward intimacy between two people, who were once close but no longer know how to relate. Certain delicate parts of the conversation were captured in movement rather than speech as the two characters danced together or around each other.

Some of the staging was distracting – the peppers being prepared for a meal that never comes into existence – but the use of projected photographs was wonderful. The photographs were like a third character, not so much the elephant in the room, for they were spoken about at great length, but their immaterial presence was certainly felt. it seemed important to catch sight of them, for them to have a visual representation in the production. 

But what I really loved getting a glimpse of, was the picture of a relationship in a particular time and space. A snapshot that left me with the sense that we can frame our past like a story, with a beginning or end, or capture it within the walls of an image or a dramatic scene, that gives it some structure and boundaries for understanding. That what we each see is the same, but how we view it will always be different.  

For details of forthcoming shows and tours visit

Photograph by Aenne Pallasca

New Favourite Bands 2015

Slaves - New Favourite Music 2015

One of the great things about the start of a new year is that all the pundits start sharing the new music love and recommendations are everywhere. There is always a load of new music out there to listen to, but so much so, that it can be a nightmare to navigate. It is so handy to have curated lists popping up all over the internets!

So I have been listening to lots of marvellous music, making playlists and deciding who my new favourite bands are likely to be, what I need to buy and who I absolutely must see live this year. 

This list is drawn from some of the other lists I’ve been reading and listening to as well as music I’ve found on social media. I have attempted a new music focus, but I’m more fan girl than muso, and I’m often fashionably late to the party, so they might not all be new. Besides, which, I’m not even sure how to define ‘new’; generally musicians work their arses off for years before receiving critical acclaim or a reasonable/sustainable income or whatever established and successful means.

Before I go wildly off on a rhetorical topic and accidentally write a whole other blog post, here are my new favourite bands for 2015. I’ve made a Soundcloud playlist too, which you can listen to here (just don’t blame me for any weird-arse recommendations that follow when the playlist is done!)

Everything about this band excites me. Slaves were long-listed for Sound of 2015 list, and and if I was a pundit on that panel, they would have got my first, second and third vote. Hey was one of my favourite songs of 2014 and now I’m obsessed with ‘The Hunter’. Wonderfully noisy, they sound and look smart. I love those drums, the rifts, clever lyrics and did I mention those drums. Plus the video includes some colourful slow-mo smashing. 

Black Honey
They sound as sweet and dreamily dark as their name suggests, I can’t help but sway coolly to their wistful and pretty guitar-based pop. 

Primitive Knot
Darkly delicious synth music with irresistible and unrelenting bass lines. Mysteriously both retro and futuristic post punk, providing my ideal soundtrack for driving in the moonlight or dancing in the dark. My current Soundcloud favourite is Confusion, while over on Bandcamp, I love the latest single Daughters of the Sun

Their sound is so seductive and hyper hypnotic that I am pretty sure that OOFJ are postmodern sirens. You’re Always Good makes me stop and feel everything – physical and emotional – all at once, making my heart race, yet soothing the soul. It is really wonderful.

Let’s Eat Grandma
Now for some kooky lo-fi loveliness – an experimental duo of fifteen year old bohemian looking girls making whimsical wonderful sounds and they are really, really good. 

Milk Teeth
I can’t resist a bit of nineties nostalgia inducing grungey girl rock, especially  when it comes with Veruca Salt style vocals. Get a free download dose of Vitamins – it’ll be good for you.

Riskee and the Ridicule
Their raw energy live is contagious, their post punk ska influences make them seriously good for bouncing about to, while the grime and hip hop roots makes them witty and poetic without any bullshit.
Roots is my personal favourite, but I love the passionate and political punch packed by their album, Dawn of the Dog, released last year.

Skinny Girl Diet
A fierce girl gang playing punk music that makes me want to go out dancing in a dark and sweaty underground club with my feistiest girlfriends. I feel much cooler than I am when I nod my head listening to them. Also there is a cat on
their Tumblr.

Dreampop isn’t just fun word to say over and over again, as a genre it is wonderful to listen to. My latest dreampop darling is multi-instrumentalist Adryelle, who is a lovely lyricist with a voice to match and is also one of my favourite instagrammers, sharing gorgeous black and white photos.

Colourful, kitsch 80s pop and with sexy fairy powers (I’m pretty sure the Christmas M&S ads were inspired by their video to Get Your Sexy On). Life is a Bitch is impossibly catchy and guaranteed to make you smile on a crappy day.

Candy Darling
It is not all about the name, but let’s face it, I did click and listen because they have a bloody well awesome one that made me think – yes, Candy Darling, they sound like a band for me! I wasn’t disappointed. Their edgy elegant aesthetic is matched by their gorgeously gritty music. Oh so cool and cannot wait to hear more.

Pretty Vicious
Energetic and angry in the best possible way (which is the teenage punk rock kind), they make catchy rock music, which I cannot keep still to! 

Mitzi Baehr
Some hauntingly moody music with matter of fact vocals and pretty melancholic melodies. This track is intense and understated, a beautiful bit of songwriting.

Juice Vocal Ensemble
It is always good to throw some contemporary classical into your listening repertoire. I go into a daydream state when I hear Heal You by Anna Meredith. By chance I caught this trio of angelic voiced stylish ladies performing at Kings Place Festival last September. My ears were captivated by their choral arrangements and pop covers while my eyes were transfixed on their awesome outfits.

I’m looking forward to listening to this lot – let me know what you think and if there is any other great new music I should add to my listening list.

What A Wonderfold World!

Wonderfold Pocket Square

A little detail can make an outfit. Something small can catch the eye, make you feel special and add a flourish or finishing touch to your ensemble. I’m always on the look out for accessories that make a statement, whether bold or subtle, to be the sartorial cherry on my clothing cake. 

My latest accessory obsession is silk pocket squares and scarves from Wonderfold London. They are the perfect way to adorn yourself with art. Each features a unique or limited edition design, beautifully conceived and made. Inspired by modernism, colour, graphic design, typography, photography, wildlife, landscapes and politics, they also start fascinating conversations beyond the initial compliments.  

Just look at these gorgeous designs.

I received this beautiful pocket square and part of me wants to hang it like a piece of art! It is 100% silk with a hand-rolled hem, so it feels as gorgeous as it looks.  As well as loving the amazing colour combination, I am captivated by moths. I adore the way the design looks as the delicate fabric flutters.  

Wonderfold London Pocket Square - Cassy Fry

Obviously, the classic way to wear a pocket square is in your suit pocket (or vintage blazer in my case), but surely each of your pockets deserves a little Wonderfold luxury, the edgy designs on the sensuous silk lends itself to being worn playfully with any style of garment. I’m mixing it up and wearing mine with shirts, jeans and dresses. 

On those days when I don’t have any pockets in my outfit (because finding women’s clothes with decent pockets can be a real challenge!), then I roll and tie it in my hair or onto my bag, to add a bit of stylish colour to the dark winter days. 

In case you’re wondering, here is one way to fold a pocket square, but there are no rules, experiment and wear it however it works for you. 

How To Fold A Pocket Square - Wonderfold London

Next on my wishlist is a Wonderfold London scarf – check out the designs on 

To buy a pocket square or scarf, or to enquire about becoming a stockist, email 

Adventure To… Nevermore Tattoo Studio

Adventure To Nevermore Tattoo Studio DaventryI have a beautiful new tattoo and I’m utterly in love with it!

That’s the exciting headline news out of the way, now let me tell you about my adventure to Nevermore Tattoo Studio.

I’ve been following tattoo artist Paula Castle on Instagram for a while. Her work is amazing. So when a spot came up over the holidays, I impulsively emailed and booked myself in.

Ok, it was only really the ‘I’m going to get it done now’ bit that was impulsive. I’ve been looking longingly at Paula’s gems for months and talking endlessly about my plan to get one. 

I chose a gem for a couple of reasons. Firstly because Paula’s gem work is gorgeous and looks super sparkly! Of course I wanted to be emblazoned with something beautiful. But also, after a difficult few years for me personally, I wanted a tattoo that would remind me to love and value myself. What better than a heart-shaped precious stone in my signature colour.

This was my third tattoo, the other two rarely get exposed. One is on my upper thigh, so generally only gets the sunlight when I’m basking on the beach or on a spa day and the other is pretty small and on my upper arm, so is only revealed when I go sleeveless. I love tattoos and I’m proud of mine, but I purposefully picked places that could be covered up, because I wanted to be able to hide them. This one I wanted to have somewhere I would see it all the time and would be visible to the world on a regular basis. I’m less worried about what people think and also confident about the fact that I don’t want a super conservative corporate career. So I decided to have it placed on my forearm.  

Cassy Fry - Gem Tattoo by Paula Castle

Last week I went on a road trip to Daventry to get tattooed by Paula. I made a day of it and it felt like a real adventure across the British countryside (and motorways!).

When I arrived Paula showed me the drawing of my tattoo and I was thrilled with it. Paula designed the frame especially for me. I love the pearls and gold clasps. I can’t stop looking at it.

Nevermore Tattoo Studio is fantastic and was a lovely place to hang out. There are comfy sofas with stylish cushions, interesting artwork, bookshelves of knick-knacks and taxidermy and lots of ravens. It is the most stylish tattoo parlour I’ve ever been to.

Dan and Paula are reassuring, professional, welcoming and friendly, as well as being interesting people to chat to. It was great to meet and talk to some of their other customers too, like the gorgeous Tarryn who has some seriously beautiful tattoos.

Paula made the whole process of getting tattooed comfortable and enjoyable, she has a gentle touch, checked I was ok regularly and explained everything clearly as we went. She told me I have nice skin to tattoo, which I’m delighted about! I’ve been using Lush’s Dream Cream to look after my tattoo and it has been healing nicely. I’m just so pleased with it. I will now be working on new poses for my outfit posts which show off my inner arm – you can probably expect flailing limbs for a while! 

Gemstone Tattoo

What To Wear For An Impromptu Film Photography Shoot

Cassy Fry Film Photography Shoot

There are some perks to living with a photographer – I get to play model for fun location photo shoots! Last week when Pete suggested we go out with his new old film camera and take some snaps, I said “sure, I’ll just put some sequins on!”

I wore a gold skirt from BooHoo, a black jumper from Internacionale, Clarks boots, a faux fur coat from Peacocks, a chiffon cat print scarf (which was a gift from my Glitterati Secret Santa) and I topped it off with my Rock n Roll headband from the Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory collection. You also get a glimpse of my new tattoo (expect a dedicated post about that later this week!)

The sun shone brightly, the skies were oh so blue and the bracing coastal winds made my hair go wild! I know I look kind of mean and moody, but we had a load of fun! 

For the photography inclined, the camera was a Canon A1 and the film was Kodak Portra160 35mm. You can see more of Pete’s work on his website and his creative film photography blog

I love the quality of film photos and it is exciting having to wait for the photographs to be developed. The unpredictability is part of the fun, but working with a professional photographer meant the shots turned out great of course. I was delighted with them – they are so very breezy and blue!      

Cassy Fry in Rock and Roll Bride for Crown and Glory headbandCassy Fry Location Shoot in Herne BayCassy Fry Location Photo ShootCassy Fry Location ShootCassy Fry Photo ShootPhotographs by Peter Fry Photography

100 Ways To Get Creative And Spark Inspiration

100 Ways To Get CreativeWant a creativity boost? Here are 100 ways to get more creative, inspire ideas, fuel imagination and have fun.

1.   Doodle
2.   Sing a song

3.   Write a poem
4.   Read out loud, do the voices
5.   Make a Playdoh sculpture
6.   Listen to a record, a whole album from start to finish
7.   Customise your clothes (here is one of mine!)
8.   Draw a pictorial shopping list
9.   Ask other people for ideas and bounce off them – I did this for this post!

10. Meditate – Blogger Jessica says it opens your third eye and Pin Up Artist Charlotte adds that freeing the mind of some everyday noise leaves more room for creativity
11. Cloud watching (it’s my meditation!)

12. Keep a sketchbook – recommends Craft Blogger Kate
13. Create a cosplay costume
14. Daydream
15. Learn a musical instrument (like this AMAZING Nyan Cat Ukulele!)
16. Boutique Hotel Blogger Stephanie suggests playing with children or asking them their thoughts on a question
17. Ditch the TV! proclaims Design Blogger Bethan (or at least switch it off for a while!)
18. Jessica adds try disconnecting from all technology for a weekend and seeing what that does for your creativity
19. Make someone a birthday/thank you/you’re awesome card 
20. Go for a walk – Artist Mel recommends purposeless/intuitive walking to take a leap into the unknown or a windy walk by the sea to blow away the creative cobwebs
21. Watch some
Cognitive animations – they are amazing
22. Write a list of ten ideas (about anything, they don’t even have to be good)
23. Collaborate with someone whose work you admire
24. Take some stylish still life photos around your home, see your space from a new angle
25. Pick a colour, take a while to look for it wherever you wander, notice things
26. Download a new app, have a play with it, see what you can make - here are a few good ones
27. Spend time with some creative people
28. Make or mend a piece of jewellery
29. Recreate an old photograph
30. Go to the great outdoors – Craft Blogger Kate suggests looking at patterns/textures in nature and Pigeon Portrait Photographer and Artist Mel finds a cool looking bug or plant can inspire and trigger ideas
31. People watch (discreetly – observe, don’t gawk!)

32. Take a nap
33. Share your ideas and plans, listen to suggestions or feedback
34. Throw a themed party and go all out – decor, costumes, refreshments, games
35. Play with your food! Make picture on your plate with your lunch or dinner
36. Lay down, elevate legs, let all the blood rush to your head!
37. Read a short story

38. Stretch
39. Get a colouring book – I love the look of this Coloring Book Of Unfortunate Situations!
40. Write a piece of fan fiction based on your favourite tv show/film/play/book
41. Try a 30 day creative challenge – you could take a photo, write a blog post or draw a picture every day
42. Experiment with creative make up or face paint
43. Learn to sew, crochet or knit
44. Make typewriter art, type a short poem or profound statement with this app (everything sounds more significant in old school type!)
45. Dance like a crazy creature round your bedroom
46. Go somewhere extraordinary. Craft Blogger Kate recommends visiting a stately home – great for inspiration and design from the past
47. Blogger babe
Jessica recommends free writing in the mornings to get your creative juices flowing
48. Do some drawing (especially if you don’t usually draw!)
49. Make a vision/dream board for a project/goal/feeling you are working on – either on Pinterest or in real life

50. Make a collage
51. Go for a drive (or a cycle)
52. Sign up for a creative course/class
53. Go to see art work – in a gallery, a shop or outside on the streets
54. Read some creative or inspiring blogs
55. Join a choir/singing group
56. Move the furniture around! Or Kate suggests redecorating a room to give it a new look and brighten things up
57. Play some drama games
58. Put some art up in your studio, office or work space
59. Start a creative self-love journal
60. Write a letter to your teenage self
61. Write a letter to your 80 year old self
62. Play with lego, build your Utopia
63. Watch some TED talks about creativity
64. Arts Photographer Pete recommends taking a technique and applying it to a new subject or different situation
65. Book tickets to see a performance
66. Play catch, or try to juggle
67. Take part in a crowd-sourced project – watch out for Dan Simpson’s crowd-sourced poetry - they are a fab thing to get involved in
68. Go to a workshop, seminar or conference

69. Learn another language recommends Travel Blogger Stephanie
70. Go to a live music concert or gig 
71. Declutter your life – I recommend the Mins Game
72. Make black out poetry from a newspaper or magazine
73. Become a Mime
74. Learn to brush your teeth with your other hand and wake your brain up

75. Write or draw something with your eyes closed
76. Get some Oracle Cards and use them as creative prompts
77. When on a train/bus or in a waiting room, make up elaborate back stories for the strangers around you
78. Exercise (anything you enjoy, just move!)
79. Join a craft group -
Kate says they’re great for bouncing ideas off people
80. Take a break and do some deep breathing
81. Have a bath – stop, relax and eureka!
82. Before throwing anything out, think how you could reuse it or what you could make, then repurpose
83. Do an interpretative dance (Jessica is not even joking… and nor I am when I say I regularly do this!)
84. Make up a story

85. Learn a craft – pottery, basket-weaving, flower-arranging
86. Go see a quirky film at an independent cinema
87. Make something with your hands to get your creative juices flying says Stephanie
88. Fulfill a childhood dream
89. Build a pinhole camera suggests arts photographer Pete
90. Stephanie suggests moving countries! A hard one to do but HUGE creative booster. (I might start with travelling to another country though!)
91. Go to a talk, event or tour at a local art gallery or museum

92. Paint a picture
93. Take classes in the Alexander Technique – it’s incredible!
94. Play a game
95. Make like a MC and write a rap
96. Break out the body paint (ooh UV!)
97. Put on a puppet show for your friends (or your cat)
98. Volunteer for an arts charity
99. Make a mixtape
100. Take the long way home

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